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Travel to North Korea for Business and Pleasure


(dprk 60th anniversary, ARIRANG show, chilbosan, paektusan

(6 - 10/13 September 2008)



L&J Development and Consultancy is inviting professional travel agents and other leaders in tourism and hospitality to visit North Korea (DPRK). You will meet with North Korean colleagues, discuss programs and prices, and inspect facilities and main attractions.

The 60th anniversary of DPRK foundation will be celebrated by the 100,000-men Arirang Mass Gymnastics Show and the brand-new special “Prosper the Motherland!” performance.

The optional part of this tour will allow you to explore the remote North Hamgyong and Ryanggang provinces, to visit the sacred mountains of Ch'ilbo and Paektu, and to make friends with local North Korean families.

 Itinerary and Program of Events :

6 Sep. (Sat) - Departure from Beijing at 11:55am by Air Koryo JS 152. Arrival in Pyongyang at 14:55. Introductory city tour, check-in at the Yanggakdo International Hotel. Meeting with hotel management team. Dinner.

7 Sep. (Sun) - Kumsusang Memorail Palace, Pyongyang Film Studios. Seminar at the National Tourism Administration on tourism to the DPRK, Q & A. Evening circus show (optional).

8 Sep. (Mon) - Day trip to Kaesong city, P’anmunjeom village (DMZ). Return to Pyongyang. After dinner “Arirang” Mass Gymnastics Show.

9 Sep. (Tue) - Pyongyang city tour, celebration and events dedicated to the 60th anniversary of the DPRK

10 Sep (Wen) - Morning departure by train to China via Sinuiju-Dandong (arrival at Beijing station at 8:33 on 11 September, Thursday)

 Optional Part :

10 Sep (Wen) - Morning departure by charter flight to Mt. Chilbo’s Orang airport. Excursion to Kaesim Buddhist Temple. Homestay in Korean families.

11 Sep. (Thu) - Excursion to the Eastern Sea. Departure by charter flight to Mt. Paekdu's Samjiyon airport, Excursion to Samjiyon Grand Monument.

12 Sep. (Fri) - Excursion to Mt. Paekdu's and Lake Cheon crater. Excursion to the anti-Japanese guerilla secret camp, visit to the Schoolchildren Palace. Return to Pyongyang by charter flight. Check-in at the Yanggakdo International Hotel

13 Sep. (Sat) - Morning departure (8:55am) by Air Koryo flight JS 151 to China (arrival at Beijing International Airport at 9:55am).

 Prices :


 Program One (4 nights / 5 days)

 Program Two (7 nights / 8 days)

 1,190 EUR per person

 1,890 EUR per person



 Payment :


To book the tour, please forward the uniformed Booking Fee (300 EUR) to our account via PayPal before 15 July 2008. The Booking Fee is refundable if the North Korean side cancels the trip or refuses you a visa before 15 August 2008.


The rest of the Tour Fee will be accepted in cash on 5 September 2008 morning during the orientation meeting at Red Wall hotel in Beijing, China, one day before your departure to Pyongyang.


 Conditions :



- Return airplane or train ticket (Beijing/Pyongyang/Beijing);
- Accommodation in Pyongyang (5-star hotel "Yanggakdo", shared room accommodation);
- All excursions in North Korea, entrance fees for all sight-seeings.

- 3 meals a day, local transportation, and English-speaking guides while in North Korea.



- DPRK consular fee (see the consular fee rates here)

- Single room supplement ( 20 Euros per person per night)

- Pyongyang Airport departure tax (11 Euros)

- Seat tickets for the Arirang Mass Games show (Special class seat - 300 USD; 1st class seat -150 USD; 2nd class seat - 100 USD; 3rd class seat - 50 USD.).

- Alcoholic drinks, beverages, souvenirs for guides and drivers.


 Application procedure :


- Please send us your personal details by e-mail to  


1) Name as in passport:
2) Sex:
3) Date of Birth (dd/mm/yyyy):
4) Citizenship:
5) Passport number: 
6) Current occupation with employer's address and telephone number:
7) Home address, home and mobile telephone numbers, and e-mail address:
8) Ethnicity:

9) A scanned copy of the ID page of your passport saved as a JPEG or PDF file.

This information will be kept in strict confidentiality and used ONLY for the DPRK visa application.


On 5 September (Fri), please come to Red Wall hotel in Beijing and bring with you:

1) Your valid passport

2) Four (4) passport-size photographs (good quality, colour, 3.5cm x 4.5cm), and

3) Tour Fee + consular fee for your DPRK visa 



 Important Dates and Deadlines : 


- The deadline for booking a tour (which must be confirmed by paying a Booking Fee) is 15 July 2008.


- If your country of residence other than China, please apply for a Double-Entry Chinese Visa at the nearest PRC Embassy or Consulate General in your country.


- We shall inform you of your DPRK visa approval by 15 August 2008. If your visa application is refused, we shall refund you the Booking Fee.


- Your signed application for visa issuance and passport must be submitted to the Consular Section of DPRK Embassy in your country or in Beijing at least one day before your departure to Pyongyang. If you decide to receive your visa in Beijing, on 5 September (Fri) our representative in Beijing can collect the rest of your Tour Fee and arrange your ticket and visa to be issued on the same day.



 Dangerous goods :

For safety reasons, dangerous goods, such as flammable solids or liquids, explosive, radioactive materials, and toxic substances, are not allowed in the checked or hand-luggage.



 Articles allowed to be brought into the DPRK by foreign travelers :

Due to intensified security measures, passengers flying to and from the DPRK are prohibited from carrying any kind of harmful items in their checked or hand-luggage.


The following items are permitted:
- Photo Camera,

- Video camera,

- PDA,

- CD Player,

- MP3,

- Laptop (notebook)

Other articles may be inspected by custom authorities.


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