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IT Study Tour to North Korea

for Consultants and Media Professionals

(Pyongyang, 23-27 October 2007)


A New Offshore Destination - North Korea

For more than 20 years, European companies have been outsourcing IT-related work to suppliers in various low-cost countries. There are two main reasons for offshore sourcing: the possibility to reduce costs and the availability of specialized Information Technology skills abroad. So far, hundreds of organizations have executed offshore software projects, including small and medium sized firms. Financial and banking enterprises are the most active offshore users.

Countries such as India and China have already become important suppliers of software products and services worldwide. It is interesting to note that several Chinese companies are currently outsourcing IT work to neighboring North Korea, which has already become a “nearshore” destination for clients from Japan and South Korea. Several European companies are conducting their IT and BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) projects in this country too.


North Korea offers attractive business opportunities in a variety of fields, such as software development, the production of computer games, animation and cartoons, data entry and digitization. The Korea Computer Centre in Pyongyang is one of the most popular offshore destinations for foreign developers.


IT Study Tour to Pyongyang

L&J DEVELOPMENT & CONSULTANCY invites you to join a unique IT Study Tour to North Korea between 23-27 October 2007.

This trip will focus on the potentials which this country has to offer for IT specialists and consultants, software developing organizations, companies interested in exploring new export markets, animators, filmmakers, and journalists. We will do our best to assist media professionals (including from the USA, ROK, and Japan) to participate in this tour.


The organizer of this mission is the Korea Computer Center (KCC), a major IT services provider in North Korea with offices in several cities, including Pyongyang and Beijing.

During the 7 days of this business trip, you will visit North Korean companies specializing in the fields of IT, animation, cartoons, computer games and BPO (Business Process Outsourcing).


Our travel program incorporates a visit to the Kim Chaek University of Technology, SEK and Tin Ming Alan Animation Studios, Dakor Company and Kwangmyong IT Centre in Pyongyang and contains cultural and tourist elements (see Program below).


The participants of the tour will meet in Beijing (China) where a meeting with the KCC representatives is planned. Your DPRK visas and airplane tickets will be issued one day before the departure to North Korea.

We will do our best to assist media professionals (including from the USA, ROK and Japan) to participate in this tour. Many of your colleagues have already travelled with us to North Korea and found this experience most rewarding (see some stories on Arirang Mass Games, October 2005 and Arirang Mass Games, April-May 2007)


 If you want to book a trip to North Korea, please contact us

by Tel: +61-403076604 in Australia, Fax: +852-301-44398 in Hong Kong or by E-mail:


IT Study Tour to North Korea

for Consultants and Media Professionals

(Pyongyang, 23-27 October 2007)



* This Program is tentative and remains subject to changes until all consultations with the inviting party (KCC) are completed.

The final version of the Program will be forwarded to the participants two weeks before the trip (9 October 2007).


Day / Date 




Sun / 21 OCT

Arrival in Beijing

L&J Delegation participants meet at Red Wall Hotel for orientation  

Introduction to the program of IT Study Tour. Informal welcome reception and dinner.

Mon / 22 OCT

Meeting with DPRK Korean Computer Center staff in China. Overview of its  products and services

Receiving visa for North Korea and Air Koryo tickets

Korean dinner.

Presentation: about offshoring of IT/BPO

Tue / 23 OCT

Departure from hotel to airport.

Travel to Pyongyang

Arrival in Pyongyang.

Transfer to hotel

Welcome dinner with KCC officials

Wen / 24 OCT

Visit to the Korean Computer Center (exhibition hall) – overview of products and services


Pyongyang city tour 

Seminar (?)

Dinner in a local restaurant

Thu / 25 OCT

Visit to Tin Ming Alan (animation studio) and SEK (cartoons)


Visit to Kim Chaek University of Technology

Presentations (?)

Dinner in a local restaurant

Fri / 26 OCT

Visit to Dakor Company (data processing)

Visit to Gwang Myong IT Center (security products)

Farewell dinner

Sat / 27 OCT

Departure from hotel to airport

Travel to Beijing

Arrival in Beijing

Departure from China (Optional extension of the stay in China)


Companies and individuals participating in this IT Study Tour might choose to sponsor this mission. Sponsorship will give several advantages:  


- Sponsors will have an opportunity to give a presentation about their products and services for North Korean companies working in the field of IT and BPO. Such exposure will expand your initial business contacts in North Korea and help networking in the future. 

- Sponsors can actively participate in augmenting the Program with their special requests (regarding visits, business meetings, etc.).


Please contact us for further information about sponsorship opportunities.


 Tour Price


 IT Study Tour in North Korea (4 nights / 5 days) 2,450 Euros per person.





To book the tour, please forward a Booking Fee of  € 100 Euros to our account via PayPal no later than 9 September 2007. The Booking Fee is non-refundable.


The Tour Fee (€ 2,350 Euros) will be accepted in cash on the spot during the orientation meeting at Red Wall hotel in Beijing on 21 October 2007, one day before DPRK visa issuance.





- DPRK consular fee

- Return airplane ticket (Beijing/Pyongyang/Beijing) with Air Koryo;
- Accommodation, 3 meals a day, local transportation, and English-speaking guides in Pyongyang;
- All excursions in North Korea, entrance fees for all sight-seeings.



- Your trip to/from Beijing

- Your accommodation, transportation, and meals in Beijing

- Pyongyang airport departure tax ( 11 Euros)

- Alcoholic drinks, beverages, souvenirs, tips for guides and drivers.


 Stopover in Beijing


During your stay in Beijing, we shall help you issuing DPRK visa and Air Koryo ticket.  


 Application procedure


To book the tour, please forward a Booking Fee of  € 100 Euros to our account via PayPal no later than 9 September 2007. We shall need your personal information as follows:


1) Name as in passport:
2) Sex:
3) Date of Birth (dd/mm/yyyy):
4) Citizenship:
5) Passport number: 
6) Current occupation with employer's address and telephone number:
7) Home address, home and mobile telephone numbers, and e-mail address:
8) Ethnicity:

9) A scanned copy of the ID page of your passport (to be sent as a JPEG or PDF file).
10) An electronic image of your passport photograph (good quality, colour, can be sent as a JPEG or PDF file) 

This information will be kept in strict confidentiality and used ONLY for the DPRK visa application.


Please come to Beijing at least some 24 hours prior to your planned departure to North Korea (no later than midday 22 October 2007) and bring with you: the following

- Your valid passport;

- Four (4) passport-size photographs (good quality, colour, 3.5cm x 4.5cm);

- The Tour Fee (€ 2,350 Euros).



 Important dates and Deadlines 


- The deadline for booking a tour (which must be confirmed by paying a Booking Fee) is 9 September 2007.  


- If your country of residence is other than China, while you are waiting for your DPRK visa approval, please apply for a Double-Entry PRC Visa at the nearest Chinese Embassy or the General Consulate of China in your country.


- We shall inform you of your DPRK visa approval some 14 days before your scheduled trip to Shenyang (9 October 2007).


- The original of your passport must be submitted to the Consulate Section of DPRK Embassy in Beijing at least one day before your departure to Pyongyang. Our representative in Beijing will arrange your visa and Air Koryo ticket for you on 22 October 2007.

 Dangerous goods

For safety reasons, dangerous goods, such as flammable solids or liquids, explosive, radioactive materials, and toxic substances, is not allowed in the checked or hand-luggage.



 Articles allowed to be brought into the DPRK

Due to intensified security measures, passengers flying to and from the DPRK are prohibited from carrying any kind of harmful items in their checked or hand-luggage.


The following items are permitted:
- Photo Camera,

- TV professional Video camera,

- PDA,

- CD Player,

- MP3,

- Laptop(notebook)

Other articles may be inspected by custom authorities.


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If you need more information about visits to North Korea for journalists, please contact us by

Tel: +61-403076604Fax: +852-301-44398 or E-mail: