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Sales of Caustic Magnesia and Fe2O3 in powder and Nonferrous Metals

A North Korean producer is looking for a business partner for international trade in mining products. 

They have sold some 3,000 mt of Caustic Magnesia to a company in China this month and they also want to 

find a regular buyer in Australia and/or European countries.



1. Sales of Caustic Magnesia.

Name: Caustic Magnesia

In use; material for making metal magnesium which is used in the rockets, satellite and airplane manufacturing industry as metal magnesium is 1.5 times lighter than aluminium.  Also used for pulp, cosmetics and medicine material and heat insulation material.

Component: MgO........more than 91%

                  CaO ........less than 2%

                  SiO2.........less than 2 %

                  Fe2O3......less than 0.7%

                  L.O.I ....... less than 3.5%

Size:  200 mesh  ( more than 95% pass through)

Output:  5,000- 8,000 mt/month

Offer price: $XXX USD/mt FOB Hungnam port or Chongjin port in the eastern coast of Korea.

2. Sales of Fe2O3 in powder.

A North Korean company has recently set up the Fe2O3 processing system which is important material as a ferriot in the electronics field. They claim that it is of very high quality and try to find regular buyers in foreign countries. Its present production capacity is 30 mt/month and they want to increase it according to the market demand. They can sign sales agent document on negotiable price with anyone who can find a buyer.

Please note the following specifications for your reference:

Name: Fe2O3 in powder

In use: material for ferrimagnetic substance in electronic industry such as TV manufacturing, material for paints and grinding material for glass.

Components: Fe2O3......... more than 99.2%

                     SiO2 ...........less than 0.03%

                     MnO ...........0.15-0.25%

                     TiO2 ...........0.4-0.55%

Particle:  1st class: 5 μm               2nd class:  15 μm              

Output:  30 mt/month

Offer price:  XXX USD/mt

Note: The powder is produced at the Taedonggang TV Factory (a joint venture) and they had good test result and now they find some local demand among the paint manufacturers. They say its quality is as good as the one produced in China and they can offer competitive price for marketing in China.

3. nonferRous metals

Quality concentrates of Mo is greater than 38-57%,

Quality concentrates of  Wolframatic((FeMn)WO4) is more 35-40%,

Antimony concentrate is more 72-80%.


If you need more information about business opportunities offered by North Korean companies, 

please contact us using the following address: