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 L&J  Development and Consultancy


"Tomorrow's global village is being fostered today..."  


Leonid A. Petrov Ph.D.   

Executive Director


 Contact Information 



              Canberra, ACT 2905, Australia


Main Tel: +61-403076604 (in Australia)

Tel: +86-13651151052 (in China)

Tel: +7-9629836244 (in Russia)

Tel: +33-625615963 (in France)

Fax: +852-30144398 (in Hong Kong)


SKYPE: leonidalexeevichpetrov                       

 Our Company 

L&J DEVELOPMENT & CONSULTANCY is a private venture established by Dr. Leonid A. Petrov (ABN 94124736035) in the Australian Capital Territory (Reg. No: F00122330). Since November 2000, we provide consultative and liaison services to anyone who is looking for business opportunities in Northeast Asia (China, Japan, Russia, North and South Korea)

L&J is a classical example of small business with the limited number of permanent staff. While providing services to its clients, L&J attracts other experts and specialists from the broad range of disciplines. The adjunct staff are comprised of professional analysts, researchers, educators, translators, interpreters, international travel advisors, and accountants hired at the places of our operation.

L&J’s activity is concentrated on the provision of business research, analysis, training, and advice on business, investment and employment opportunities available in the countries of Northeast Asia. We also facilitate the flow of communication between our customers during the initial period of their cooperation.   

L&J has permanent representatives in Seoul, Tokyo, Beijing, Vladivostok, and is virtually present anywhere around the globe via the Internet and other means of electronic communication. 

 Our Services  

Our consultancy services cover the broad range of research and analysis, international trade, investment, cultural exchange and other activities helping to link Northeast Asia with the rest of the world. These activities include:  

► Financial analysis and risk assessment 

► Educational and skilled labour exchange

Organization of cultural and sports events, business seminars and academic conferences

Themed tourism, passenger and cargo transportation 

Software engineering, systems design and administration 
► Mining machinery and mineral resources exploration 

 Our Vision 

Tomorrow’s global village is being fostered today by the daily efforts of people challenging cultural differences and defying the stumbling blocks of national protectionism and political ideology. We believe in a bright future of a world without borders and barriers.  

 Our Mission 

Our knowledge and competency create value for anyone who wants to open new markets and opportunities. We promote economic benefits and broaden business prospects. We overcome geographical distances and cultural differences. Our staff are accustomed to work under pressure and ready for challenge.  

 Our Values 

We value free competition and do our best to establish the free flow of information between prospective business partners. We are committed to the rule of law and conduct our business with integrity, loyalty and respect to our clients.

 Our Objectives 

We are looking for smart customers who value quality service, promptness and punctuality. For them we strive to offer unorthodox solutions to the most complex issues.

 Our Rates  

Our rates are similar to those of other consultancies working in the market, while the level of our service and dexterity is incomparably higher. Rest assured that every dollar spent for our services is a profitable investment in the future of your business. 

 Our Quality 

The emphasis on service quality and professionalism is an integral part of L&J’s strategy to win the hearts and minds of its clients. The professionalism of our staff and our passion to serve your business needs will satisfy the most demanding patrons.

 Our Clients  

The majority of our clients are individuals and organizations expanding the geography of their sales and exploring new markets. NGOs and the mass media agencies with special interests in Northeast Asia constitute another portion of our clientele.

ProQuest CultureGrams (US)

National Geographic and Brown Reference Group (UK)

Capstone Press (US)

Radio Free Asia (US)

Radio SBS (Australia)

Oxford Analytica (UK)

Korea National Tourism Organization (South Korea)

DPRK National Tourism Administration (North Korea)
Sky Airlines (South Korea)

SMEC International (Australia)


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