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DIATOMITE, SERICITE (Aluminum Potassium Silicate), TALE, MAGNESITE, and nonferrous metals

 1. For General Understanding

Millions of years ago, there lived a kind of plant called "diatom" under the sea and lakes and, with the crustal movement, it turned into a fossilized plant covered by SiO2 with countless small holes on it. This is what we call Diatomite. Diatomite has a characteristics of absorbing all contaminated particles through its countless narrow holes ( 0.05-0.3mm ) on its surface.  And thus Diatomite  is called King Filter. Diatomite is strong in acid endurance, heat-proof and water-proof. 

Diatomite is widely used as filter in various economic fields such as:

A.   Foodstuff process: oil, vinegar, seasoning powder, milk, sweets, alcohol & beverages.

B.  Pharmaceutical process: antibiotics, serum, vitamins, solution of dextrose and all other medicines.

C. Chemical process: gas, mobile oil, lacquer, alcohol and all other chemical products.

D. City management: drinking water, industrial water, bathroom, swimming pool.

E. Agriculture: fertilizer, soil quality improving.

Diatomite  is also used as material for heat insulation, sound-proof, catalyzer, abradant, explosive and welding rod coating.

 2. Diatomite in DPRKorea

DPR Korea has over 200 million tons of Diatomite deposit and with her high quality of diatomite deposit and future establishment of its processing plants, she can make a good future to produce high-class filters and  become a competitive supplier in the world markets. Some say over 100 years have passed since people used diatomite as filter in some countries and they are facing shortage of diatomite deposit. 

According to an available information, the total diatomite production around the world reached 1,152,000 mt in 1991 year, but with the shortage of deposit it reduced down to 670,000 mt in 2000 year . Among the main producers are the US (covers 450,000 mt), France (120,000 mt), PRChina (60,000 mt), Germany (20,000 mt), and some other countries, including Italy, Brasil, Argentine and Chile (20,000 mt).

The leading export countries are US (160,000 mt), France (80,000 mt), (Germany 10,000 mt) per year.

The main import countries are Cuba (30,000 mt), India (40,000 mt), Netherlands (24,000 mt), Canada (24,000 mt), UK (21,000 mt), Australia (11,000 mt), Switzerland (8,000 mt) per year. 

A North Korean producer offers the following items for export. 

Investment opportunity in DPRK mining industry is also available.


Utility field :

  a) the foodstuff industry, the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, the filtration of drinking water

  b) Agriculture : the fertilizer, the insecticide, making a agricultural medicines

  c) Construction: the lagging materials, the soundproofing materials, the radiation materials, a filler, the fireproofing materials

Quality(%) :  SiO2 80~85   Fe2O3 0.7~1.5  MgO  0.3,   Al2O3  3 ~ 7  CaO 0.2  Making materials 7~9


2. SERICITE (Aluminum Potassium Silicate)

Utility field : an addition to all kinds of cosmetics, insulator and electronic industry, the building materials industry, the rubber industry

Quality(%) : degree of purity   90        

   SiO2  49.4;   Al2O3 31.9;   Fe2O3 0.24;   CaO 0.24;   MgO  0.007;   K2O  11.6;  Na2O  0.78;



Utility field: an addition to all kinds of cosmetics, paper and chemical industry, the building materials industry

Quality(%) :  SiO2 61.07;  MgO 30.01Fe2O3 0.50Al2O3 0.95;  CaO 1.50;  Making materials 5.95



Utility field: the fireproofing materials for melting, the cosmetics industry, the pharmaceutical industry. 

The magnesium alloys are used in special field as it is the feathery.

Quality(%) : MgO  49.06;   SiO2 0.8;  CaO   0.1;  Fe2O3   0.7;   Making materials   48.76


5. nonferRous metals

Quality concentrates of Mo is greater than 38-57%,

Quality concentrates of  Wolframatic((FeMn)WO4) is more 35-40%,

Antimony concentrate is more 72-80%.


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