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Essential Oils from Plants 

Pyongyang, October 12, 2004 (KCNA) -- Natural aroma goods made by the Pyongyang Essential Oils Research Centre are popular among users. Chongsong (pine), Jinung (intellectual) and Wisaeng (hygienic) perfumes which are extracted from natural plants abundant in Korea provide clean environment and has a good effect on human body for their fresh and fragrant aroma.


Chongsong perfume extracted from needle-leaf trees including pine gives off fresh resin aroma. It removes mould and other unpleasant smell and provides aseptic environment in sauna. It makes people feel refreshed and protects bronchial tube.


Jinung perfume emits such air smell as in deep forest or lake, thus creating a mild atmosphere. Its ingredients are good for liver, stomach, lungs and other internal organs and have a strong germicidal power. They also prevent aging by removing active oxygen in human body. They not only boost the contemplative and concentrative faculty of people but also relieve them from mental fatigue. 


Wisaeng perfume has a strong insecticidal power. It is made with various aroma elements which give no harmful effect to human body. It prevents bedbug, mosquito and other insects from biting people. If people carry it with them inside or outside, it kills or expels insects. It is good for the stability of blood pressure, pyretolysis, bronchitis and cold.  


A North Korean manufacturer, who produces essential oils from plants is looking for a business partner/buyer in Europe, Canada and Australia. (So far they they sell their products to China, Taiwan, Germany and Austria). 

Investment opportunities in the DPRK are also available.


Please refer to the following specifications:

1. Plant name: Thuja Standishi Carr

    Oil name : Thuja Essential Oil ( Western Red Cedar Leaf Oil )

    Properties:  d15    0.9042 - 0.9193            D  20    1.4596            D     13°

    Ingredients: - phellandrene      11.11 %

                       - myrcene               1.30 %

                       - terpinene             1.80 %

                       - cymene                3.44 %

                       - limonene             17.27 %

                       - sabinene               0.54 %

                       - menten-2-1-01      2.23 %

                       - limonene oxide     0.51 %

                       - thujone                14.17 %

                       - camphor                0.05 %                    

    Storage: 20mT

    Output: 5mT/month

    Packed in drum by 185-190kgs

    Usage: as material for making cosmetics. 

    Main buyers: Germany, Austria, Poland, Taiwan.


2. Name : Angelica Essential Oil

    Storage: 5mT

    Output: not available yet.

    Packed in drum by 185-190kgs

    Usage: as material for making medicines which treat diabetes.

    Main buyers: China, Taiwan, USA.

    Ingredients:  to be confirmed later


3. Plant Name: Abies Nephrolepis Maxim

    Oil name : abies oil 

    Properties:  d15    0.8911            D      1.4762            D     54°54

    Ingredients: - santene                     2.01 %

                       - pinene                     13.34 %

                       - camphene                19.82 %

                       - pinene                       4.84 %

                       - sabinene                    1.42 %

                       - myrcene                    1.19 %

                       - limonene                   18.44 %

                       - bornyl acetate            26.86 %

    Storage: 15mT

    Output: 5mT/month

    Packed in drum by 185-190kgs

    Usage: as material for making medicines and cosmetics.

    Main buyers: Germany, Austria, Taiwan.


Note: A local source sais that a company in Germany has bought a certain amount (about 20 mt via Dalian, China) of Thuja Standishi Carr  and Abies Nephrolepis Maxim from a local company in 2003.

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