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A North Korean Food Processing Company invites investors the for the establishment of Kimchi Joint-Venture Factory which will prepare and pack Genuine Pyongyang Kimchi, the fermented food of long history and the popular health food of nowadays.

 As already scientifically proven, Pyongyang Kimchi, which is full of natural Vitamins, essential amino-acids, and micro elements, is specially necessary for health and prevent various disease and hypertrophy, relieves fatigue, and controls function of human body living on meat and oil.

 The main products of the Factory will be the Pyongyang Whole Cabbage Kimchi and a variety of special Korean foods. All foods will be sterilized in ultra heat, free from any artificial colouring matter or ingredient, and packed in vacuum.

 The origin of most spices will be the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. Pyongyang Kimchi is entirely based on traditional cooking method of ancestors. Without imitating other cooking methods it fully conforms with the needs and trends of modern people who strengthen their bodies by healthy food.

 Surely, all consumers will discover and highly appreciate the fresh Pyongyang Kimchi, which helps good appetite, for its unique sapidity and nutritive value.

 We look forward to fruitful cooperation and advice. We assure you of our best cooperation. We shall be glad if you will send us your positive response ! 

For Technical and Engineering Fundamentals of Producing Kimchi and the Production Process and Technical Standard, 

please contact us using the following address: