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A North Korean research institute is looking for a buyer for the Highly Sensitive Magnetometer which was awarded silver medal at 18th Geneva International Invention and New Technical Exhibition. 

A few years ago they were asked for this technology for alluvial gold and natural gem from an Australian mining engineering company which wanted to use this technology in the mining industry. The North Koreans planned to send an engineer to Australia but couldnt realize it simply because there was no diplomatic relations between the DPRK and Australia. Moreover, the leading engineer got seriously ill and the deal never happened. 

These days the North Korean party resumes the search for a potential buyer interested in the Highly Sensitive Magnetometer      

1. Technical introduction

 -  It enables us to decide condition of gold existence and property for existence by magnetic property value of gold deposit zone.

-  It also reveals the patterns of gold distribution, by topographical and geomorphologic characteristics which can form gold body.

-  It computes the content and other quantitative indexes and reserves by measuring specific magnetic anomaly of minerals attendant upon gold.


2. Equipment

Highly sensitive magnetometer, Magnetic susceptibility meter, GPS, Notebook Computer, Printer, Plotter


3. Condition for Prospecting

Geological Map, Topographical Map, Preliminary data for prospecting


4. Effectiveness

- It has fast velocity of prospecting over several tens times than drilling exploration method, and accuracy of prospecting more than C.

- It can prospect 5hectres a day by 3persons under surveying finished on corresponding zone.


5. Appointed tasks and Applicable objects 

- It is high precision magnetic method of prospecting investigating gold body concretely.

- It is prospecting for details and working on basis preliminary data of prospecting of corresponding zone.

- It is applicable to prospecting for place gold, gold quarts, diamond, coal and the other minerals.


6. Results of prospecting

Plane figure, Profiles, Tables of Reserves, Report for Prospecting


7. Situation to Introduction

-  There are ensured several dozen tons of reserves for placer gold and gold quarts in about 50 mines of the DPRK.

-  It enables us to proceed ordering prospecting in China, Russia, Uganda, Thai, Tajikistan, Laos, D.R. of Congo, Namibia, and Mongolia.

-  This technique was awarded silver medal at 18th Geneva International Invention and New Technical Exhibition.


8. Price of Prospecting

It is generally different according to prospecting net, generally it is offered for X00-X00 USD$ for gold prospecting, and X,000-X,X00 USD$ for diamond prospecting.

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