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 1. For General Understanding

Physio-chemical property: Potassium is silver-white metal, and soft and combustible matter. Density:  0.856 (20’c),   Melting point: 63.2’c,  Boiling point: 765.5’c. Fresh cut cross-section is silver-white. Potassium is chemically very active and absorbs moisture in the air and gets oxidized burning with purple flame. When it contacts with water, it occurs strong reaction an forms hydrogen and potassium hydroxide and it can explode. Purity of product:  over 99%.

Application:  1)  used to make solid oxygen ( potassium super peroxide KO2 and potassium peroxide K2O2 )

2)     used as heat exchanging matter in atomic reactor

3)     used to produce tetraethyl lead  in industry of pharmacy and rubber

4)     used to produce phototube in electronic industry and also potassium hard glass

Package:  Potassium is packed in iron-box by about 1kg filled with anhydrous paraffin oil or petrolium.

Price in international market:  Purity over 98%:  X,XXX USD/kg (Aldrich 1996-1997)

Caution: Avoid contact with water and moisture. It can explode in the air. 

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